Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Jam Tangan Wenger dari Swiss

Wenger is one of two companies From Delemont  that make Swiss Army Knives. In 1898 Theodore Wenger was made manager of Jupiter Paul Boechat & Co. This company was the winner of a contract from the Swiss Army to make knives the Army. Theodore Wenger changed the name of the company from Jupiter Paul Boechat & Co to Wenger & David. Later in 2005 Wenger was bought by Victorinox.

First Wenger  was to find spoons and forks manufacturers and went to work, and started to make pocket knives for the Swiss Army. Later in 1907 the Swiss split the contract in two. Some of the pocket knives where to be made in Canton of Schwyz and the second half in the Canton of Jura. The company said that they did this to make every one happy. But some people think that it was really done to make the making of Swiss Army knives a competitive business  to drive down the prices.

Later in 1929 Theodore died and Kasper Oertli was the majority share holder in the company. Later there was a fire in the factory. When the company rebuilt they modernized the facility and also started to make watches. As I mentioned earlier in 2005 Victorinox bought Wenger. This is where people get confused with who was the original maker. Wenger is said to be the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, and Victorinox is the Original Swiss Army Knife. There are many knock off's of these knives and some of them are good knives but if you want a real swiss army knife you need to get one of these two. there quality is buy fare the best.